Upgraded SuiteCRM Analytics v1.3 with Data Integration & Web Analytics

SuiteCRM Analytics is a free-to-download and ready-to-use business analytics platform. It is designed and developed using the Pentaho BI Suite Community Edition. Since it is an open-source solution, SuiteCRM users will be able to launch, administrate, and customize it as per their usage. Originally, it was launched to provide a wider picture of data to its users.

SuiteCRM Analytics v1.3 | Latest Features and Upgrades

As we discussed earlier, there are two major packages of analytics i.e. SuiteCRM Data Integration and SuiteCRM Web Analytics. Let’s understand the function of both of them and what new features have been introduced.

SuiteCRM Data Integration

This Data Integration works on the principle of gathering data from multiple sources and then blend it together to form a centralized space. Afterward, users can access this processed data easily. For this purpose, SuiteCRM Data integration follows the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process. Below we have mentioned the new additions to SuiteCRM Data Integration.

SuiteCRM Web Analytics

SuiteCRM Web Analytics is another aspect that provides data access to the users. Here, the SuiteCRM users will be able to examine the data gathered from the database and other third-party sources. In the frontend, there are a bunch of reports and dashboards. In the latest release, you’ll find some tweaks in the current features and some new options as well.

Apart from these new features and functions, there are some bug fixes as well. Before installing SuiteCRM Analytics to your software make sure to create a backup of your SuiteCRM Database.

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