The Best SugarCRM Plugins to scale every organization

One of the most elegant solutions we have to boost up your SugarCRM software and strengthen your goals. You got a bunch of extensions that were inundated for your business handling as you looked for some robust plugins that kept evolving your business with every day passing. Therefore, it’s time to keep such plugins aside and get connected with exceptional SugarCRM plugins that are really worth it to drive your business with the best results.

SugarCRM Plugins

Why do you need SugarCRM Plugins for your business?

Most of the time you meet with some complex customization or with some other activity that can halt your work at once. We have a simple install and use extensions that enables you to manage every task without sharing any difficulty. You will feel like half of your business is now getting managed with the great addons. If you are curious to know what those plugins of SugarCRM software are then just stick to this blog.

SugarCRM Email to Lead

If you receive emails for your leads daily and later on your task is to create records from inbound email then get SugarCRM Email to Lead. Why? This extension creates records from inbound emails automatically with no error. No such efforts are required from your side. One of the greatest SugarCRM Plugins loaded with the functionalities like mapping of fields with a predefined token, Fetch email option to select emails, duplication alert function, etc. The extension may cost you $499.00.

SugarCRM BCC Archive

Introducing the next versatile addon for your business called SugarCRM BCC Archive (Lite). Its main purpose is to keep the conversation automatically updated in CRM history no matter whether you are talking to your client from a tablet or mobile phone. This add-on like BCC Archive scans CC, TO, FROM, BCC, Subject, and Body and fetches the information into Sugar. Moreover, the plugin’s key role is to update in real-time. Don’t feel like the extension will update after an hour or the next day. This plugin for your SugarCRM costs you $299.00.

SugarCRM Recycle Bin (Premium)

Like if you delete any important record by mistake and it’s urgent for you to get back that crucial record then use our time-saving plugin called SugarCRM Recycle Bin. Use the Premium version of this extension for your CRM business where you can do a mass restore of data in just one tap, restore every activity, etc. Even it’s quite simple for the user to get back those records that you deleted before this extension installation. You need to pay $249.00.



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