Swiftly Generate PDF with SuiteCRM Empower PDF Template Plugin

2 min readFeb 22, 2021


PDF files are important for every organization because they help in storing tons of a company’s data securely. That’s the reason why most CRM (Customer Relationship Management) users opt for storing their invoices, contracts, etc in PDF format as well. Our SuiteCRM Empower PDF Template will assist you in this process a lot.

If you are a SuiteCRM user then you would be familiar with how daunting the task of creating PDF templates can be. Therefore, we have come up with a great solution that can automate the process for you. In this article, we are going to explain the features of the extension and how beneficial it can be for your organization.

Real-Life Scenario: You will better understand the functionality of our add-on with an example. Suppose you are working in an accounting firm and on a daily basis you need to create PDF templates for both Contracts and Invoices. Instead of creating separate templates for both of them, which surely can be time-consuming, you can use our extension. The SuiteCRM PDF Generator will allow you to use one template for any other purpose. This will rescue you from recurring tasks and save your time as well.

Features of Global PDF Generator

Our plugin consists of a bunch of advanced features that will help you in streamlining your process. Below we have explained each and every feature in detail so that you can have a complete picture of our plugin.

Store SuiteCRM Module Data in PDF Format: Keeping data in SuiteCRM only could be quite insecure. As databases can be exposed to different hazards like a data breach. Therefore, you should always keep your data store in different places or more. For this purpose, you can use our plugin to convert the module’s data into a PDF template. In this way, your information will remain safe and sound in both places.

Use one Template in Multiple places: This is one of those features that make our extension outstanding. While using our plugin, you only need to create one template and then you can use it again and again in SuiteCRM. This will save a lot of valuable time of yours. Also, you won’t be required to do the same tasks frequently.

Easy to Install and Use: Our product is extremely easy to use. You don’t need any prior hands-on experience related to PDF Templates in SuiteCRM. You can start using the extension just after the installation.

This is all, we wanted to share about our extension. If you are from one of those organizations that deal with a lot of paperwork then SuiteCRM Global PDF Generator will be a great help to you.

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