SugarCRM Email to Lead: Automated Lead Generation Tool for all businesses

Lead Generation in B2B business is the most important aspect as it drives valuable prospects and opportunities to the company. Organizations and firms often create strategies in order to get crucial leads but they fail miserably sometimes but sometimes they work out successfully. However, small businesses and startups do not have the liberty the take that much risk. They have to do a lot more research to understand the target market and audience.

Sometimes, even after that companies fail to achieve their targeted goals. But now the process is becoming more sophisticated and automated with the help of SugarCRM Email to Lead extension. If you want to know how it works and how it can benefit your business then read further.

SugarCRM Email to Lead

Features of SugarCRM Email to Lead

These are some features that you will get along with our extension. Diversified industries like Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail, etc have been taking advantage of this plugin and gathering valuable leads through emails.

  • The users are allowed to create records in whichever module they want i.e. accounts, contacts, etc. They are not restricted to leads only which is a great addition.
  • With the help of Predefined tokens and mapping of fields, you can parse customer information directly from emails to your CRM automatically.
  • The plugin also lets you choose whether you want to fetch all emails or before installation or after installation of the plugin. There are a bunch of other options to choose from.
  • Our extension can eliminate duplicate data entry. It matches the subject, phone number, and email address for this purpose.

How SugarCRM Email to Lead function?

It is a known fact that without a consistent stream of high-quality leads a business can barely survive. Eventually, they will end up losing the revenue. Therefore, companies always try to come up with different ways of generating leads now and then. One such new technique, which is quite popular and effective, is email lead generation. And our extension Email to Lead to anything is perfect for executing this strategy. But before talking about our extension, we want to highlight some facts about email lead generation.

What is Email Lead Generation?

As the name suggests, this technique involves emails. This is a way of generating leads through incoming emails, they could be in the opt-in form, quotes, queries, website registration, free trial registration, or anything like this. The final aim is to get the contact information of potential customers and clients, which is usually an email address, name, or sometimes phone number.

The quest doesn’t end here at all. Later on, companies and brands take different approaches to nurture them like drip campaigns, email campaigns, etc. Only after converting these leads into customers with High Lifetime Value, you can say that strategy was successful.

According to a survey, around 48% of marketers believe that email marketing is the best way of online lead generation. Content marketing and website/landing pages are also very effective in this.

Benefits of Email to Lead Apart from Lead Generation

Automated lead generation is not the only advantage of having the SugarCRM Email to Lead plugin, there are some additional perks as well. However, to guarantee this, you have to execute the strategy at the optimal level.

  • Firstly, you can work on the targeted audience as you will already know their basic information and from where they learn about you. The marketer will be able to create strategies as per their target audience.
  • Lead generation from incoming emails means your brand is getting more recognition and you can work better on brand awareness as well.

We hope now you have understood the extensive importance of SugarCRM Email to Lead and how it can benefit your business through automated lead generation.



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Outright Store is a well-known name in the CRM industry where we have shared superior plugins for your business growth.