2021 Buyer’s Guide of Twilio SMS Plugin with Features

“Great Marketing makes the Customer feel smart”. If you are running your business with this mindset then the best versatile option is choosing the SMS communication channel. The SMS channel is durable which can’t be replaced with any other communication platform. Outright Store aids everyone here as we integrate SuiteCRM software with the Cloud-communication platform called Twilio. We introduce Twilio SMS plugin for your SMS communication purpose. Join us on this guided tour of what is SuiteCRM Twilio SMS and how many salient features you will get.

What is SuiteCRM Twilio SMS?

Put simply, this extension called Twilio SMS helps businesses to market their products and brands by sharing SMS in bulk to your audience. This means that you can get connected via SMS channel and it helps you to send the business information at opportune moments.

If I am running my Sales and Marketing business and I recently launched a product and I am looking to flourish the product via promotion. It’s better to opt for the Twilio SMS in SuiteCRM where I can send SMS in bulk to my audience who likes such products to evolve their business in the market.

A better extension for the entrepreneurs who are running their Travel CRM business, Banking CRM, the Insurance industry, etc. You can adapt this compelling add-on for just $299.00. The plugin is compatible with all SuiteCRM versions and you can also take the opportunity of a “Free Product Tour” from us.

Essential Features of Twilio SMS extension

Let’s understand together about the salient features of the SuiteCRM Twilio SMS add-on. Let’s dig in-

  • This plugin saves the SMS conversation of your customer. If you talked with your customer a few days back with the help of this extension then you can access that chat anytime when required.
  • Moving on to the next feature and that is about Email Templates. Send SMS via a template to entice people to read out and contact you for your business purpose. Not to miss this huge opportunity because the Email Template function is an out-of-the-box solution.
  • Send SMS to your audience in bulk and in just one click. You can see that in one tap, the SMS is sent to plenty of your customers promptly. This plugin enables you to save yourself significant time.
  • An option of Opt-out is there for your assistance. If getting the email campaign from a person is enough from your side then you can endeavor for an Opt-out function here first. A beneficial feature for every business size. Our SuiteCRM Consultants will help you to guide in every feature of this extension.



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